Information on Multiple Applebee’s Nutrition Items

The Applebee’s site is puzzlingly mum on the nutritious substance of its nourishment. At first glance, the establishment eatery network, with more than 1,500 areas and a protracted menu of standard American dishes, barely appears to be secretive. However on a dietary level, propelled criminologist abilities and a testing research facility are expected to uncover data about Applebee’s nourishment. Without those things, we gathered what we could from their site to impart data to perusers. Choose for yourself whether Applebee’s sustenance can furnish your body with the nourishment it merits.


Fried Food 

Albeit nobody anticipates that fricasseed sustenance will be sound, you may be astounded at exactly how far those calories and fat grams can include. Applebee’s Crunchy Onion Rings canapé contains 1,290 calories and 56 grams of fat. The chain’s New England Fish and Chips supper comes in at 1,930 calories with 138 grams of fat. A further amazement is the sodium content for every one of these things: 3,620mg for the onion rings; 3,180 for the fish sticks and french fries.

Cheddar and Meat 

A great many people realize that red meat and cheddar based dishes are once in a while the most beneficial decision on any menu. The chain’s site records their 12-ounce Ribeye Steak as containing 670 calories, 47 grams of fat and 950mg of sodium. Applebee’s Riblets Basket holds between 1,050-1,180 calories alongside 71-74 grams of fat and 2,720-3,340mg of sodium. Fiery Chili Cheese Nachos convey 1,610 calories, 103 grams of fat and 4,270mg of sodium.


Low Calorie 

Applebee’s has an area of dishes recorded as “fantastically extraordinary tasting and under 550 calories.” Their Asiago Peppercorn Steak is just 380 calories however has 14 grams of fat and 1,520mg of sodium. On a similar segment of the menu, Applebee’s Grilled Shrimp and Island Rice has a comparable calorie tally at 370, a much lower fat tally (4.5g) yet an astounding 1,990mg of sodium. Somewhere else on the menu, Applebee’s offers Weight Watchers Chipotle Lime Chicken: 490 calories, 12 grams of fat and 4,990mg of sodium.

Soups and Salads 


At most eateries, soups and servings of mixed greens are generally sure things for good dieting. Despite the fact that Applebee’s site records 7 soup determinations with a sensible calorie scope of 110-360 for each serving, the sodium substance for the soups run from 860-1,400mg. The eatery offers a great scope of plates of mixed greens, accessible fifty-fifty bits, with or without dressing. The least sodium substance is in their home plate of mixed greens, at just 380mg. Large portions of their plates of mixed greens, even without dressing, are recorded as containing 500mg of sodium or more. A few plates of mixed greens have a sodium substance of more than 3,000mg.


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